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Lisa Bell



My name is Lisa Bell and ever since I was a little kid, I've had a camera with me. Always wanting to capture those special moments. Pictures should spark an emotion, help you relive memories, and take you to places you've never been. I've seen most of my life through the eye of the camera lens and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I graduated from SUNY Fredonia, NY in 1995 after studying arts administration, business, and graphic design. Hoping to continue working in event management after college, I volunteered at several theatres and performance halls. My actual job as a web developer and logistics coordinator wasn't nearly as fun :)

Since moving to Bend, OR in 2012, I have been volunteering at the Tower Theatre as both an usher and an event photographer. I also devote 4 hours a week to Chimps, Inc. helping take care of the chimps and taking photos.

While I love living in Bend, I also love to travel. But whether I'm staying locally or off to new places, I want to capture all the moments I can.








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